What about teaching English?

In contemplating what I would like to do with my life when I grow up (if I ever do – that feeling of “being one of the grown ups in the room” seems elusive), I came across some information about teaching English in Asia or South America. So, now I’m doing some more research. And I’m discovering that there seems to be a lot of ageism in the English teaching business. Seems like “mid-lifers” are considered “over the hill” for the most part…. Most schools – and apparently even entire countries – prefer young people (as in: people under 35). I can see some logic in that I might not have the energy – or the desire – to entertain a bunch of 5-year-olds all day long, but I also have quite a bit of life experience (and teaching/coaching experience for that matter) that might make me a more competent teacher. Furthermore, I am not that interested in living and teaching in one of the big cities of the world. I’d be perfectly happy in some smaller, more remote city or village where I can actually get to know people, learn the language, and become part of a community (even if just for a year). I hope that there are English schools out there, who can appreciate those qualities in a teacher.

Now off to researching teacher trainings and visa requirements. Curious to find out what hoops I might have to jump through to be able to teach English somewhere in the world.


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