High School Counselor in Korea?

Just submitted my resume for a position as a high school counselor at an international school in Seoul, Korea. Why not? I have been submitting my resume for random but fascinating jobs all over the world for years – from managing an international children’s home in Africa to leading bike trips through Australia to answering “dear Abby” letters for a teen magazine in Germany. So far, nobody has hired me, but it gives me a few days or even weeks to dream about that job – kind of like a lottery ticket buys you a few days of imagining all the ways you would spend the money. (On a more positive note: by answering a random email in 2006, I ended up working for a TV show in Germany for a while.)

Now I can imagine what it would be like to live in Seoul for a few days. My first impressions: It takes 21-24 hours to fly there . The population is over 10 million people – not quite what I had in mind, but large cities can have their own appeal. The current temperature is 24 degrees Fahrenheit – it’s 51 in Florida right now and we are all complaining how cold it is. That might take some getting used to (Montana friends, please don’t laugh too hard….). It seems to combine ancient temples with modern skyscrapers, an advanced technological infrastructure  with really good street food – and a “no tipping” policy (as all the travel sites emphasize). It has a bicycle sharing program and one of the busiest subway systems in the world.  Cost of living seems similar to what it is in Naples, Florida…. I’ll let you know when they tell me that they found a more suitable candidate, but until then, I’ll read up on all the cool places in the city and the country – I spent over an hour updating my resume, I’ve earned some “dream time.”

P.S. I received a very kind email from the head master of the school this morning that he had already filled the position. There goes my “dream time.”



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