Feeling discouraged today….

I have been on a lot of job boards (A LOT!) trying to see what jobs I might qualify for if I wanted live and work somewhere else in the world. Teaching English as a Second Language still seems like a reasonable option, but if you want to work at a “real school” (not a language school), it gets pretty discouraging for someone who is not a certified teacher. So I researched what it would take to get a “real teaching credential” – it’s possible, but it would definitely take a year or two to do so. Florida has some pretty interesting options (because we have a teacher shortage), but I would have to get a teaching job in Florida for a year to actually get the credential. Not sure if I want that.

There is a lot of talk about “transferable skills”, but I’m not sure employers truly believe in them. It seems that once you have done something for a while, people believe that that’s pretty much all you can do. And my mind is certainly feeding into this attitude – it’s stating loudly (well, it’s kind of screaming): “See, we told you! It can’t be done!” Thanks, mind. As a therapist, who is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, I know better than to listen to my mind when it gets all pessimistic – but, boy, is it loud today!




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