What’s in a “weekend”?

You know how you look forward to the weekend? Finally, work is over and you are free to do whatever you want? You don’t have to go to the office. You don’t have to wear shoes (I discovered that I very much dislike wearing shoes and I will walk barefoot unless shoes are absolutely required). There are books to read and tomatoes to plant and beach walks to take and hammocks to lie in and blogs to write…

So this morning, I wake up. I snuggle with little Miss Madelyn for a while and finally get up – I like mornings and don’t want to miss day-light, so it’s about 6:50 am by now. I make coffee. I feed the dogs. I feed the chickens. I clean the chicken coop. I take the dogs to the dog park. I go to the farmer’s market to buy veggies for the week. I drop some stuff off at a friend’s house. I stop by the bank. I come back home. I check my email. It’s now 9:45 am. The phone rings, three teenage girls want to rent some paddleboards about 20 minutes South of here. I load the van. I fight traffic and design a bumper sticker in my head: “If driving the speed limit scares you, it’s time to TURN IN YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE!”). I unload the boards and get the girls going. They are confused because I recommend that they do not take their $700 phones on the paddleboards. Their eyes say: “How could anyone not have their phone with them for 120 minutes? That’s insanity!” I drive to the bookstore down the street, finish my therapy notes from yesterday, answer emails, and look at some ESL books (some look awfully confusing, some are fascinating, some I probably need to buy). I return to pick up the boards at the agreed upon time. Nobody there. I ask a family of kayakers if I can borrow a kayak for a few minutes while they are getting ready (grandparents, parents, small children, a dog, tons of bags) to paddle around the corner and look for the girls – nothing. I walk to the bridge where I have a better view of the area. I see them. I walk back. They pull in. They’re soaking wet (remember those cell phones….). They lost a paddle. They LOST a paddle? How do you lose a PADDLE? They say someone stole it. Dad agrees to pay for the paddle. The girls are standing next to his car frantically checking their phones. I wonder what they missed… I didn’t have a cell phone as a teenager. What did I miss? I head home. It’s 2 pm now. My weekend. I rush to clean the guest room because we have Airbnb guests arriving. They text to cancel. Then they change their mind. They will just be late. I keep cleaning. Two loads of laundry need to be folded. It’s the 25th today. On the 25th of every month, I pay all the bills, including mortgages, credit card bills, utilities, phone, internet… you know how that works. It’s 4 pm now. My weekend. I unload and reload some paddleboards for tomorrow morning. I remember that I haven’t really eaten much today. And I need to make a new batch of Kombucha before it all turns to vinegar. I sit down around 6 pm. The guests arrive. My weekend…


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