Could I teach English for real?

I have completed my TESOL/TEFL course, gotten the pretty certificate, and started applying for jobs. I have been contacted by a few recruiters – which I interpret as: “Your resume was not completely worthless – I’m willing to give you 30 minutes of my time. Make sure to impress me with your enthusiasm and wit.” Trust me, I’m trying…

I got some helpful advice on ways to modify my resume and emphasize my teaching experience – from a 25-year-old, which made me feel old and outdated – but I took her advice and spent an entire afternoon condensing and streamlining 25 years of work experience in quite a few different jobs into a page and a half. I guess I do get bored after about 5-7 years in the same job. At least, that’s what my resume says.

To apply for jobs in Europe and Asia, you need to attach a photo to your resume. So I have been trying to take a reasonably decent head shot – without much success. Even on a “good hair day” I don’t seem to find that balance of smiling enough to not make it look like a mug shot without laughing so hard that I look like a crazy person. I also lost quite a bit of weight after my knee surgery, so there seems to be some extra skin on my face or more bones?  – and a lot of wrinkles that I wasn’t aware of (or maybe tried to ignore?).  I didn’t realize that I had such a big forehead… and since I’m mostly opposed to Botox injections, it has quite a few lines on it. Yikes, I’m definitely getting old. Do they hire old people for teaching jobs in China or Vietnam?  Well, I guess it all depends on how well I can impress those 25-year-old recruiters… Wish me luck!

P.S. Did I mention that I have a big zit on my forehead right now? I didn’t? Well, there should be a rule that once you have wrinkles, you should not be allowed to have zits… It’s bad enough to have one or the other, but both? Really?



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